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Trash Can Cleaning Service

Trash Can Cleaning Service that will come to your door and clean your trash cans monthly.Residential Can Cleaning ServiceMulti-Unit Residential Trash Can Cleaning ServiceIf you own or operate an apartment or condo complex, this is a great monthly benefit. We can stop by 1 time a month and was up to 100 cans at a time for one low monthly fee..making your property more sanitary and providing a value add service to your residents. This also helps control...

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Introduction to SALT

IntroductionThe SALT Annotation Ontology represents the connection layer between the rhetorical and argumentation and the document structure and content. In addition, it also captures a series of virtual elements that describe the shallow metadata of the modeled publication. These properties are considered to be virtual, because they are not actually part of the ontology, but defined by other ontologies, such as FOAF, DublinCore, SWRC and the Bibliographic Ontology (BIBO). Last, b...

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